Monday, 28 June 2010

SAGE + Chromium in my display wall

I have continued the configuration of my display wall (see my previous post).

Until now I had managed to get OpenGL applications working OK with Chromium, but only Chromium for the type of display wall that I envisage we need is not sufficient:
  • the main problem I found is that I cannot run two Chromium applications at the same time. Perhaps this is doable, but I didn't find how to do it.
  • applications cannot be moved around the display wall (there is a resizeable option with Chromium, but when I used it I got all sort of artifacts in the running application).
I also managed to get SAGE working fine, and the image viewer and the video viewer work fine (and you can easily move windows, rotate them, resize them, etc.), but OpenGL applications would need either tweaking the source code or either run them under the GL library wrapper (which according to its developer it has to be considered beta and is not recommended for production walls).

So I decided to check whether SAGE and Chromium can work fine, and I found that there is no problem with it. Something that I would like to work out is that I can still only run one application with Chromium. Other than that, the stuff started with SAGE can be moved, resized and rotated very easily, which is nice. The Chromium applications have a fixed position and size when I start them, but you can easily decide where and how big to start the application (see the two sizes of the Google Earth application in the video).

Running 32bits applications in Chromium while running 64bits SAGE is no problem (I just need to run the script as seen in the previous post before launching the 32 bits app, and once it has started run to get the library links back to normal).

For the size and the position of the Chromium applications, one can easily create a script with these data as input, and which creates a configuration file for Chromium which is used to launch the given application. Moving or resizing the application once it has started seems to give trouble.

A demo of this new setting can be found here.

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