Monday, 7 June 2010

Getting ready for the classical guitar 3rd grade entry exam

The 3rd grade classical guitar entry exam is taking place on Monday 11th. The most important part of the exam is to play three musical pieces (one of them from memory). Yesterday I decided to record myself and this is the result (this was as close a setting to the exam as possible, i.e. no sound "post-production", no second chances, etc.). There are some clear mistakes, and during the exam I will get a bit nervous and there will probably be some more. I have one week to make them sound a little bit better...

I plan to play them in the following order (from easier to more difficult):
Kleynjans, Arp├ęge, Op.77
Carcassi, Study n.7, Op. 60
Bach, Bourree BWV 996

Wish me good luck! :-)


Dominic Rivron said...

Unfortunately it's too late to wish you good luck! I'm listening to -and enjoying- your Carcassi as I write...

Audiences are far meaner than examiners, I think. If you play wrong notes in public, people are not impressed. Examiners listen to stressed people all day - they've heard loads of mistakes and expect people to make the odd one!

angelv said...

Hi Dominic,

thanks for the nice words.

I just learnt about the results about two hours before your post, and they were positive: I got a 7.2 (out of 10), and the other candidate got a 6.7. So, in September I will be a student again (and hopefully my skills will improve!).