Thursday, 20 May 2010

Synchronizing newsgroups across different computers

Being a bit old-fashioned, I'm still stuck with newsgroups. I don't read too many of them, but I find them very useful sometimes. The problem is that the protocol seems to be quite old and not amenable for synchronization between different computers. After some time searching for solutions (and thinking about using something like leafnode with the spool option or similar), I'm afraid that the best I came out with is to run a terminal-based news reader at my work computer and connect to it when I'm away from my office. Perhaps not the solution I was looking for, but at least doable and without any trouble. Being an Emacs fan, I did it with Gnus. This is the second time I go back to Gnus... the first one I tried to read all my mail with it, but didn't like it too much... but for news, it looks like it could be quite nice. It was quite easy to set up (despite the documentation style), and this is how it looks when I'm reading one of my subscribed newsgroups (list of free NNTP news servers: here and here).

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