Monday, 17 May 2010

Mathematica through ssh tunnel

Although I don't use Mathematica, a colleague asked me for help on this. In our setting the licence server for Mathematica listens on port 16286, so to get a PC with Mathematica installed (but without a license) to access that license server we just need to do:

* locate the "mathpass" file in the PC and add the line


* then create a ssh tunnel where the local 16286 port is redirected to the 16286 port in the license server.

And that's all. Now Mathematica at home works fine, but using the Mathematica licenses at work.

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Shuo Mi said...

Hi, I read your blog on how to use Mathematica outside the local network. Can you give more detail explanations?

How to find the 'mathpass'? Is it a document or file whose name is actually mathpass?