Friday, 30 April 2010

FlightGear in a testing 2x3 display wall.

FlightGear's support for multiple computers and multiple cameras is impressive. As a test, I managed to run FlightGear in a 2x3 display wall. One of the rows shows the view from the cockpit, while the other row shows views of the plane from outside at different angles. This was pretty easy to set up, although I didn't bother to align the monitors or the cameras very carefully. This is running in 3 PCs. Each PC controls two monitors (one column) with NVidia drivers and Twinview. Hopefully I will post the details next week...


Anonymous said...

This is really impressive. I'm using flightgear on linux, and I have a simgle pc with 2 monitors. I want 2 windows with the helicopter view in the first, and the cockpit view in the second. How do I do this? What do I need to put in the xml-file?

angelv said...


I put all my settings for this in new post

I hope it is useful.