Friday, 27 April 2007

Fedora Core 4 installed

OK, Fedora Core 4 is now installed (dual boot with Windows XP). Both OSs boot
OK: so far so good. Linux has some problems that we will have to deal with
during the coming days. Here are the first two I will deal with: both of them
very important:

1) The monitor resolution is set at 800x600 but the LCD is actually 800x480. You
can see all the screen OK, but the fonts are not as criap as they should
be. With Windows this was a matter of pressing Fn+Esc and then the new
resolution would be available (and your eyes thanked you for it), but with
Linux I will need to investigate.

2) The pointer is a bit flaky. If there is no other load in the system, the
pointer seems to be OK, but the moment you start loading something and then
trying to move the mouse, your pointer can go anywhere in the screen, very

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