Wednesday, 10 January 2007

WIFI Router and Bluetooth phone...

Until I receive the Kohjinsha laptop, I can set up a number of things to make working with it a true portable experience ... Well, the first one is to get WIFI connection around my house. Until now I only had one computer, which I connected to the Internet via a USB ADSL Modem. I talked to my ISP (Orange), and I was going to buy a router for 60 Euros, but in the end I managed to cajole them into giving it away for free... (The story is a bit long, since they will send me first one which I have to reject, and then they will send me the free one... Let's wait and see what happens...). So WIFI connectivity is, somehow, sorted.

The other thing I was planning to buy was a Bluetooth mobile, with the idea of using it as a modem when I was out. By doing a search in EBay I found that my present mobile (a Sharp GX15) has Bluetooth already!! (I should've read the manual, shouldn't I? :-) ). So, now I just have to learn to use it as a modem, and voila! I should have Internet access anywhere.

So, today was a good day. I was expecting to pay 60 Euros for the router, plus another 40-60 Euros for the mobile, and I found that I will have both for free! I should invite the family for a dinner out!

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