Thursday, 25 January 2007

My new toy has arrived...


at last I got my Kohjinsha SA1F00B. It arrived on the 22nd, but I was away from
home, so I couldn't put my hands on it until yesterday. On the same day I
received the WIFI Router that Orange was sending me for free, so it was perfect

In the end there was no local tax to pay, so the TOTAL price for the Kohji was
739.45 Euros (738,19 for the computer itself, and 1.26 for the AC adapter cable
for Spain). Not a bad deal.

So far I haven't tried many things as this weeks is specially busy, but last
night I managed to install the WIFI router so I could try the Wifi connection,
which works flawlessly, and the same for the Ethernet connection.

As posted in other places, the keyboard is not great, but I think it is
usable. I just installed the software I will be needing in a regular basis, and
I will post again when I get more details to share.

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