Sunday, 1 December 2013

Introduction to Music Production (Coursera)

I just finished another course at Coursera: Introduction to Music Production by Loudon Stearns of Berklee College of Music.

The most demanding stuff from this course were the assignments, in which we had to create short lessons explaining some of the concepts that we learned each week. I went for the screencast mode of teaching, and these are the assignments for each week. Doing the assignments was hard work, but I learned a lot that way, and I hope I can take another music-related course from Coursera in the near future...

Week 1: Topic: "Typical recording signal flow using your own equipment"

Week 2: Topic: "Efficiently create a compile from multiple audio recordings in your DAW."

Week 3: Topic: "Submix practical: Demonstrate the configuration of a Submix in a DAW or physical mixing board and Parallel effects practical: Demonstrate the configuration of parallel effects in a DAW or physical mixing board."

Week 4: Topic: "Demonstrate how to use a specific compression plugin, including threshold, ratio, attack, and release. Describe what visuals the device has, including gain reduction meters, transfer functions, and gain reduction traces if any."

Week 5: Topic: "Demonstrate the delay spectrum with examples of comb filtering, creating pitches with delays, slapback delays, and synchronized long delays."

Week 6: Topic: "On a synthesizer of your choice demonstrate the usage of these controls: Oscillator waveform, oscillator frequency, filter type, filter frequency, filter resonance, and amplitude envelope ADSR. How are they similar and how are they different from the simple synthesizer used in the video demonstrations?"

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