Monday, 18 October 2010

From music sheet to MIDI (fourth round)

Time for SmartScore:

the Joropó piece, which comes from a PDF file generated with a music notation software (oh, well, if you look at the original score, you will see that this is far from perfect... not so Smart, after all!):

Given the previous performance, I couldn't expect too much for the old scanned document at, but for completeness sake here it goes (although is almost useless):

And what about the scanned copy of one of my music books? Well, it gets confused with some of the bars, and it certainly would require some manual tweaking.

As per PhotoScore, MIDI files cannot be exported in the demo version, so I cannot test how well the music would be encoded.

So far, from the different softwares that I have tried, I think the ones that I would to try a bit better are SharpEye and PhotoScore

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