Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sharing music scores with the world:

Lately I use Musescore for my harmony lessons, but I didn't know about the new service in to easily upload music score and share them over the Internet.

The site is still in alpha version, but it works pretty well already. As a test, I got the Harmony exercise for this week and (from within Musescore itself) I uploaded it to in a matter of minutes ( From there you can listen to the composition and download the score in different formats: MuseScore, PDF, MusicXML, MIDI or even MP3. Cool!

EDIT (24/5/2011): In the end, after a few corrections suggested by the harmony teacher, the final score (which was played together with the compositions of other students on 20/5/2011) is here.

Monday, 21 February 2011

My first guitar (named Cecile) finished...

Being able to spend only a few hours every month (and nothing some months), it has taken me a while to finish the guitar I was building, but it is now finished:

Some pictures of the progress can be seen in

The finishing technique used was French Polish, which is quite difficult to get right (specially in the front side), so the end result is clearly not professional, but before I put any more effort into its looks, I want to make sure that its sound is worth the effort... so I'm just waiting for the shellac to harden and then I will do the February recording with it (and then, if the sound is good enough, I will try to fix the finishing in the front during the summer holidays).

Materials used: